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3PLY Pressure Cooker

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3PLY Pressure Cooker[PN PoongUyun CO.,LTD]

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* The whole body is made of 3ply clad materia(STS + AL + STS) * The thin stainless steel sheet in & outside, can tolerate salt, alkali and oxygen. * Elegant design and excellent heat conductivity with 3ply material * Bellyshape body * Save tiem, energy with pressure cooking * 4 steps of safety device * Normal stainless steel pressure cooker has the aluminium circle core only in the bottom of the pot, this means the heat can not be distributed up to the side evenly, but this 3ply body can distribute the heat to the whole side of the body and makes the best tasty cuisine


* Body : Stainless steel 3ply clad body * Pressure rate : 0.9kgf/cm2 * Package : Color box package MODEL & CAPACITY * HCPC-18C : 3cup 2.5L * HCPC-20C : 5cup 3.5L * HCPC-22C : 7cup 4.5L * HCPC-24C : 9cup 6.0L